Thank you Sister Mary Rose, I Elijah appreciate you donating your valuable time and knowledge to explain the Catholic Church’s view on all euthanasia and all the different kinds. I am still a little confused on your view on extra ordinary efforts. I was doing my best to understand; it just didn’t come clearly to me. I am truly thankful for you giving your best effort to get it through to us it as complicated as it was.

From what I understand of your view on euthanasia is that the Catholic Church is completely against euthanasia of all sorts such as abortion through passive euthanasia of a grown adult. To what I understand is that euthanasia is a sin and puts a stop to God’s entire plan that he has for you.

Correct me if I am wrong but I understand your beliefs as no extra ordinary efforts will be taken to save someone’s life should they end up in that situation one day. “Everyone has the duty to lead his or her life according to God’s plan” It goes on to say that the person must bear their fruit and live out their life. This means God’s plan does not enquire euthanasia.

The case of Alison Davis and her fight against a brutal painful life with spina bifida is somewhat the same as the Catholic view. Alison is 100% against any type of euthanasia. Davis says, “This will lead to de facto killing a handicapped person of any age just as Hitler’s Nazi Germany did”. She believes that this will be like the slippery slope to killing off the handicapped of today.

Then there is Chris Hill, a man who lived life to the fullest no matter what, a man who went riding around the desert next to the pyramids all the way to watching the sun rise from the peak of the Himalayans. He was paralyzed in a hang gliding accident. Chris was all for the right to die because of his lack of human traits he used to have.”I had no ability to regulate my body temperature properly-I was cold blooded, more like a lizard than a human being.” This man was completely de humanized by this accident. He was pissed off because he used to live such a full and adventurous life now he cannot move a large amount of his body.

Lastly there is the Netherlands, who are not that much different from Chris Hill. The Netherlands believe it is up to you whether or not you want to live, as it should be. They have a special group of doctors and board that determines whether or not you are not just doing it to do it. You have to have a legit reason for them to make sure that their citizens aren’t killing themselves off for kicks and giggles. It is proven to work because there hasn’t been a slippery slope effect where the government is taking advantage of them and killing off the handicapped. It is completely and entirely their choice whether they want to give themselves the fatal dose of medicine and put a stop to their life.

My opinion is the same as the Netherlands except for depression. I believe injuries or terminal illnesses that leave your body impaired for good or even brain dead should give you to have a choice. I also believe that everyone should be forced to have a advanced directive to avoid future problems like the case of Terry Schiavo case. Also I believe It is helpful because you are the one making decisions for yourself and not someone else who doesn’t know what you want or acts for themselves only to gain some extra money. I also believe that if you stand for this you should be able to and be fine with executing a operation of this sort on anyone should the situation arise.

Yes Mr.Geib, I have changed my opinion entirely on keep my statement about “Not letting anyone die on my watch and doing everything in my power to keep them alive”

Thank you again very much Sister Mary rose for your valuable time and sharing your beliefs on this whole euthanasia idea, II greatly appreciate you taking the time too hear all of us out and giving us respect. I really appreciate it !